Orators Public Speaking Competition Held in Koforidua

Orators Public Speaking Competition Held in Koforidua

One of the unique features of the 2021 Regional Book Fair which took place in Koforidua, from Thursday, 28th October 2021, to Saturday 30th October 2021, was the orators public speaking competition. The orators public speaking competition is intended to hone the oral communication skills of young people. It also considers the leadership skills, creativeness, and innovativeness of participants.

The competition was targeted at Senior High school students in the environs of Koforidua. Five Senior High schools took part in the exercise. The participating schools were Pope John Senior High and Junior Seminary School, Pentecost Senior High School, New Juaben Senior High School, and Koforidua Secondary /Technical School.

The students were tasked to come out with the benefits of the UNESCO Accra World Book Capital, 2023 title to Accra and Ghana in general. The panel of judges were particular about how the students exhibited their oratory skills, creativeness and innovativeness to bring out all that Ghana stands to gain by hosting the UNESCO Accra World Book Capital, 2023. Before the exercise, participants were tasked to visit the Accra World Book Capital website to acquaint themselves with Accra World Book Capital, 2023. Participants were also to visit the UNESCO website to get detailed information about the World Book Capital in general.

The exercise was highly competitive, and all participants were rewarded with reading books. The students exhibited creativity and innovativeness in their respective deliveries.

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